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Q: Why is the Soulicalize red velvet cake not red?

A: The bright lurid red color of the red velvet cake started with the man who wanted to sell his food coloruring. Traditionally, the Red Velvet cake is a red-brown colour with the red hue coming from the chemical reaction of the acid (lemon or apple cider vinegar) reacting with the pure cocoa powder. Soulcialize don't want to use artificial colouring so the end product will not be bright red.

Q: Why does the recipe have nuts in it?

A: After testing various combinations of ingredients, the addition of nuts added to the extra moisture and texture of the cake.

Q: What binds the cake in the absence of egg?

A: The curdling of "milk" (mixing the lemon/apple cider vinegar with soy/dairy/almond milk) acts as the cake binder.

Q: Can I buy the cake mix without nuts?

A: We are working on developing more recipes to package up as cake mixes, so hopefully variations of the Soulcialize Red Velvet will be available in the future.