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About Us

Stop what you are doing!!!! Soulcialize has only gone and packaged up their Red Velvet cake recipe into ready-made-cake-mixes for you to prepare and bake at home…

Soulcialize was created out of need to eat good cake while adhering to a very restrictive diet. In 2006, January (founder of Soulcialize) was prescribed a strict diet to counteract all the damage several dosages of antibiotics had done to her digestive system.

At the time, the market offered very few options – and the available options left a lot to be desired. January set out to find a treat that didn’t taste like cardboard and was free from eggs, dairy, and gluten. After trial and error, and amending regular cake recipes, Soulcialize was born.

It was a thing that was too good to be kept a secret…so January decided to find a way to share these treats with the public. If you were around Crystal Palace around 2012; you might remember a little coffee shop on Westow Hill called "Soulcialize coffee shop"

Soulcialize coffee shop aimed to serve the community, and its customers, with good coffee and cupcakes. It catered for those who had all sorts or dietary requirements; serving baked goods - that were free from gluten, dairy and/or eggs (freedom cakes) as well as the regular kind– in an environment that felt like home away from home.

Soulcialize was passionate about making sure that the freedom offerings tasted as good as the regular ones. Whilst the retail presence was short-lived and the team packed up their baking utensils, January promised she would be back.

After a few years of being off-radar, January thought about how she could best continue to share her cakes to her customers. And finally here we are, back with the next evolution of Soulcialize bakery: bake-it-yourself cake mix

Our resident favourite Red Velvet is now available for you to enjoy anytime! Just buy our cake mix, follow our simple preparation steps, bake and enjoy solo or with friends.