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Gluten Free, Dairy Free,Eggs Free




So easy to create a tasty treat at home, that everyone can enjoy

So easy to make

Only 5 steps to bake a Soulcialize cake! Clear and simple instructions - even a child can make it

Hand made

Food always tastes better when it's made at home, especially when you know what goes in it

Enjoy with everyone

All you need is one cake - no need to buy extra cakes to accomodate different dietary requirements

It's about flavor and texture

Our cakes have surprised many people, many have not guessed that it's free from gluten, eggs, and dairy.

We have spent years tweaking our recipe to ensure the texture and flavour is like any other cake and not like cardboard...

It's good enough to eat plain but there is nothing wrong if you want to jazz it up with frosting, decorations or toppings.

Ready to taste it?

Want to taste it
Girl eating a soulcialize's gluten free cake